NHS Band
Staff & Stuff

Kate Wogoman
Kate Wogoman is a Northeastern Alumni, so she is familiar with the history and tradition of the Northeastern Community.  This year, in addition to teaching the choirs, Mrs. Wogoman is on staff as an assistant to the band progam.  Mrs. Wogoman will be teaching the percussion class, music theory, and music history.

Traci Ross
Traci is the director of our Damsels.  Mrs. Ross has an exciting vision for the future of the Damsel organization.  Traci has had several years of experience in teaching dance and color guard at Northeastern, Centerville and other local schools.  We are very excited to have Traci joining our team!

Heidi Thurston
Heidi Thurston is the Assistant Band Director at Northeastern. Heidi received her BME from Indiana University and her Masters from Ball State. Heidi taught music/band in Richmond Community School from 1982-1988 and was the Band Director at Northeastern from 1988-1993. Heidi left her teaching job to be a full time mom to her two boys, Jacob and Andrew. She is married to Don, a farmer in the community. Heidi was the Worship Arts Director at the Fountain City Wesleyan Church from 2002-2007. Heidi is excited to be back in the classroom.  She enjoys motivating and challenging students to work hard and achieve success.

Dan Merkamp
Dan Merkamp has been educating musicians for over 20 years. His passion is helping young people to learn about life skills, while teaching them about music. This is his fourth year at Northeastern. He has also taught at Winchester, Hagerstown and Eastern Hancock. Dan got his BME from Butler University and his Masters from Eastern Kentucky University. Dan is married to Courtney and has four children, Paul, Emma, Lauren and Aiden. He is happy to be teaching at Northeastern and believes that part of his purpose in life is to help young people develop into responsible adults, while having fun learning about music.